November News & Updates

November News & Updates



Happy Fall,

Here’s our update for November. Lots of happenings. We hope you’ll join us again soon.

New Fall Food on the Menu


Butternut Squash Soup, Linguini with Clams, Wild White Bass, Mussels, and more.



Taco Mondays

img_20161031_171425.jpgOn October 24th, we started opening on Mondays. We put out a poll to our guests and broader community to see what kind of food everyone wanted to be on special and tacos won the most votes. Our community spoke and we’re offering taco specials each Monday from now at least to the end of November when we’ll be switching up the specials.  Join us Mondays for tacos not available on the regular menu or any other day of the week.


New Events Calendar w/ November-February Events

We thought it was about time to update our website, including creating a way for guests to purchase tickets to a series of events we’re holding throughout the fall and winter.

  • Solo Vino Imports & Lodali WineryThursday, November 10thwelcome Mimma from Solo Vino (our main provider) and her guest, Walter Lodali, of Lodali Winery, to taste and learn about their wines available for the first time in Ohio. Happy hour pricing on their wines all evening and special food made to pair with their selections.

  • An Evening with Rising Star Coffee & Platform Beer CoThursday, November 17th Tracci Palmer, our Bar Manager, will be hosting Derek Elliott of Platform Beer Co. and Brandon Riggs of Rising Star Coffee for cocktail sampling and small plates in our second floor bar. Starting at 5:30pm and lasting until 7pm, each $25 ticket comes with three, 3oz cocktail samples (made with beer or coffee) and your choice of two seasonal small plates made with either of these local ingredients as well.  

  • And more, including: Thursday, December 1st with Mimma from Solo Vino and Floyd from Red Basket Farms.

Clambake Success

img_20161102_222415.jpgThursday, October 20 we hosted the Second Annual New England-Style Clambake. We had over 40 people attend including many of our regulars and vendors.  It was cold and rainy outside, but we had propane heaters going and sealed off the covered area of the patio with vinyl curtains to keep as much of the heat in as possible.

In order to ensure the rain didn’t put out the fire in the firepit (where we were steaming clams, lobsters, and more) we had to buy a canopy with tarps on the side to put over top of it. However, even with a vent on top, we didn’t think the canopy would keep all the smoke in, which made it very difficult and rather uncomfortable for Chef Laura to do what she needed to do. No matter, she just donned a mask and airtight goggles to endure the smoke. It just shows what she’s willing to do to make great food. This a new Felice tradition, so we’ll see you next year.


From OpenTable To Reso

We switched our reservation system from OpenTable to Reso along with a number of restaurants throughout Greater Cleveland. That means OpenTable can no longer be used to make a reservation, but Reso has a phone app too and you can book directly through our website just the same, or by calling us directly.

As always, visit our website to make a reservation or call us at (216) 791-0918.


Margaret Mueller & Laura Bouton





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